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Innovative online training solutions for your business

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Learning Management Systems
for Your Business.

With a league of blue-chip clients who have effectively been using our systems for many years, Elite Training has become renowned for the engineering of solid, affordable custom-built online learning management systems (LMS).
Based on experience, we are also able to undeniably slash the myth that bespoke LMS’s are expensive and time-consuming to develop.


Why should you choose us?

We are a boutique digital learning consultancy that drives
superior business results.

We take into consideration your overall objective, how you want to be seen by your audience, your desired functionality, and how we can add to your brand growth.

  • Custom Training on Your Terms
  • Managed Training Services


Find a Competitive Edge

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Learning Management Systems

Designed & developed to meet your unique needs, Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software applications for the management, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of online e-learning courses or training programs.

  • Collaborative eLearning Environment
  • Immediate Real-World Application
  • Affordable & Unlimited Access

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Managed Learning Services

Elitetraining can lead development, modernize learning content and programs, drive learner engagement and report on business impact. You have your own training department but the drain of administration is getting in the way of your ability to spend time developing people. This is where we can add value.

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Strategies for Digital Learning

Make your organization’s digital learning efforts more effective.
Consider your employees’ unique needs and have them set clear goals around challenges they want to address.
Limit content based on needs and actual time available for learning and development…

Download this white paper for 6 recommendations for digital learning initiative success.

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Articles and Whitepapers

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